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Empleos Par es una herramienta on line complementaria que brinda el Servicio de Integración Laboral con el propósito de:

. Publicar los avisos de empleo de empresas que inician una búsqueda a través de la gestión de Fundación

. Posibilitar a las personas con discapacidad postularse a las ofertas publicadas.

. Informar las ofertas de capacitación y cursos desarrollados por Fundación Par.

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Supporting Entrepreneurs PDF Print E-mail
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This program trains disabled workers so as to help them establish their own business projects and enter into the workforce. In this way they are able to create their own working opportunities. We also finance their initial stage by way of a solidarity loan.
Since 2002, some 100 people from Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza, Tucuman and Salta transformed their business ideas into real and sustainable projects.

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Par Foundation was chosen in Argentina by Microsoft to establish the POETA CENTRE (Acronym for - Opportunity Program for Employment through Technology in the Americas). The POETA Centre is now established in 8 countries throughout the Americas.
We offer free courses, aiming to improve workforce profiles of the disabled person.They are the following:

Servicio de Integración Laboral para personas con discapacidad PDF Print E-mail
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Under our slogan, “Equal capacity, equal Opportunity’, we evaluate and accompany each disabled worker so that he/she may be included in the workforce as an equal. We own a database with over 1,200 people and recently launched an employment search portal http://www.empleospar.org.arwhere anyone with a disability who is job-searching can upload their CV. Employers can use this tool when searching for new employees.
Furthermore, we offer information related to the employment world: training, and different courses to those willing to start their own business.

Sign up for the ‘Keys to finding employment’ workshop, calling (0054 11) 4778-5800- from 9-5pm (note: local Argentine time).

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